PVOID Parameter

Routine Description:

    This procedure must be applied to every power irp, and only
    power irps, when a driver is finished with them.

    It will force post-irp completion items relevent to the irp
    to execute:

    a.  If the irp is an inrush irp, and this is the top of the
        inrush irp stack, then this particular inrush irp is done,
        and we go find the next inrush irp (if any) and dispatch it.

    b.  If step a. did NOT send an irp to the dev obj we came
        from, it is eligible for step c, otherwise it is not.

    c.  If anything is pending on the dev obj, of the type that
        just completed, find the waiting irp and post it to the

    This routine will NOT complete the Irp, the driver must do that.


    Irp - pointer to the irp of interest

Return Value: