IN  PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR InputSecurityDescriptor,
  OUT PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR *OutputSecurityDescriptor

Routine Description:

    This routine will copy a self-relative security descriptor from
    any memory into the correct type of memory required by security
    descriptor Rtl routines.

    This allows security descriptors to be kept in whatever kind of
    storage is most convenient for the current application.  A security
    descriptor should be copied via this routine and the copy passed
    into any Rtl routine that in any way modify the security descriptor
    (eg RtlSetSecurityObject).

    The storage allocated by this routine must be freed by


    InputSecurityDescriptor - contains the source security descriptor

    OutputSecurityDescriptor - returns a copy of the security descriptor
        in the correct kind of memory.

Return Value:

    STATUS_NO_MEMORY - There was not enough memory available to the current
        process to complete this operation.