IN  INTERFACE_TYPE ParentInterfaceType,
  IN  ULONG ParentBusNumber,
  IN  INTERFACE_TYPE BridgeInterfaceType,
  IN  USHORT Size,
  IN  USHORT Version,
  OUT PULONG BridgeBusNumber

Routine Description:


	ParentInterfaceType - The type of the bus the bridge lives on (normally PCI).

	ParentBusNumber - The number of the bus the bridge lives on.

	ParentSlotNumber - The slot number the bridge lives in (where valid).

	BridgeInterfaceType - The bus type the bridge provides (ie ISA for a PCI-ISA bridge).

	ResourceType - The resource type we want to translate.

	Size - The size of the translator buffer.

	Version - The version of the translator interface requested.

	Translator - Pointer to the buffer where the translator should be returned

	BridgeBusNumber - Pointer to where the bus number of the bridge bus should be returned

Return Value:

    Returns the status of this operation.