IN  HANDLE PortHandle,
  IN  PPORT_MESSAGE ReplyMessage

Routine Description:

    A client and server process can send a reply to a previous request
    message with the NtReplyPort service:

    The Type field of the message is set to LPC_REPLY by the service.  If the
    MapInfoOffset field of the reply message is non-zero, then the
    PORT_MAP_INFORMATION structure it points to will be processed and the
    relevant pages in the caller's address space will be unmapped.

    The ClientId and MessageId fields of the ReplyMessage structure are used
    to identify the thread waiting for this reply.  If the target thread is
    in fact waiting for this reply message, then the reply message is copied
    into the thread's message buffer and the thread's wait is satisfied.

    If the thread is not waiting for a reply or is waiting for a reply to
    some other MessageId, then the message is placed in the message queue of
    the port that is connected to the communication port specified by the
    PortHandle parameter and the Type field of the message is set to


    PortHandle - Specifies the handle of the communication port that the
        original message was received from.

    ReplyMessage - Specifies a pointer to the reply message to be sent.
        The ClientId and MessageId fields determine which thread will
        get the reply.

Return Value:

    Status code that indicates whether or not the operation was