This packing of structures is done for two reasons:
    1. to conserve space in the registry.  If there are only two partitions
       on a disk then there are only two PARTITION_DESCRIPTIONs in the
       registry for that disk.
    2. to not impose a maximum on the number of items that can be described
       in the registry.  For example if the number of members in a stripe
       set were to change from 32 to 64 there would be no effect on the
       registry format, only on the UI that presents it to the user.
    Bob Rinne(

Routine Description:

    Given an asciiz name, this routine will create a key in the configuration


    HandlePtr - pointer to handle if create is successful.
    KeyName - asciiz string, the name of the key to create.
    KeyClass - registry class for the new key.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - from the config registry calls.