IN  KPRIORITY BasePriority,
  IN  KAFFINITY Affinity,
  IN  ULONG DirectoryTableBase[2],
  IN  BOOLEAN Enable

Routine Description:

    This function initializes a kernel process object. The base priority,
    affinity, and page frame numbers for the process page table directory
    and hyper space are stored in the process object.

    N.B. It is assumed that the process object is zeroed.


    Process - Supplies a pointer to a dispatcher object of type process.

    BasePriority - Supplies the base priority of the process.

    Affinity - Supplies the set of processors on which children threads
        of the process can execute.

    DirectoryTableBase - Supplies a pointer to an array whose fist element
        is the value that is to be loaded into the Directory Table Base
        register when a child thread is dispatched for execution and whose
        second element contains the page table entry that maps hyper space.

    Enable - Supplies a boolean value that determines the default
        handling of data alignment exceptions for child threads. A value
        of TRUE causes all data alignment exceptions to be automatically
        handled by the kernel. A value of FALSE causes all data alignment
        exceptions to be actually raised as exceptions.

Return Value: