IN  ULONG SortKey

Routine Description:

    This function removes an entry from the specified device
    queue. If the device queue is empty, then the device is set Not-Busy
    and a NULL pointer is returned. Otherwise the an entry is removed
    from the device queue and the address of device queue entry
    is returned.  The queue is search for the first entry which has a value
    greater than or equal to the SortKey.  If no such entry is found then the
    first entry of the queue is returned.

    N.B. This function can only be called from DISPATCH_LEVEL.


    DeviceQueue - Supplies a pointer to a control object of type device queue.

    SortKey - Supplies the sort key by which the position to remove the device
        queue entry is to be determined.

Return Value:

    A NULL pointer is returned if the device queue is empty. Otherwise a
    pointer to a device queue entry is returned.