IN  PKPROFILE Profile,
  IN  PULONG Buffer

Routine Description:

    This function starts profile data gathering on the specified profile
    object. The profile object is marked started, and is registered with
    the profile interrupt procedure.

    If the number of active profile objects was previously zero, then the
    profile interrupt is enabled.

    N.B. For the current implementation, an arbitrary number of profile
        objects may be active at once. This can present a large system
        overhead. It is assumed that the caller appropriately limits the
        the number of active profiles.


    Profile - Supplies a pointer to a control object of type profile.

    Buffer - Supplies a pointer to an array of counters, which record
        the number of hits in the corresponding bucket.

Return Value:

    A value of TRUE is returned if profiling was previously stopped for
    the specified profile object. Otherwise, a value of FALSE is returned.