IN  ULONG NumberRecords,
  IN  LONG ResetTotal

Routine Description:

    This routine is called to adjust the undo commitment for this client.
    If the reset total is positive, then we absolutely set the
    reserve value for the client using this as the basis.  If the value
    is negative, we will adjust the current value for the client.

    To adjust the values in the Lfcb, we first return the Undo commitment
    in the handle and then adjust by the values passed in.

    To adjust the value in the client handle, we simply set it if
    the reset value is positive, adjust it if the value is negative.

    For a packed log file we just reserve the space requested.  We
    have already taken into account the loss of the tail of each page.
    For an unpacked log file we double each value.


    LogHandle - Pointer to private Lfs structure used to identify this

    NumberRecords - This is the number of records we should assume the
                    reset total covers.  We allow an Lfs header for
                    each one.

    ResetTotal - This is the amount to adjust (or set) the undo

Return Value: