IN  NDIS_HANDLE ConfigurationHandle,
  IN  NDIS_HANDLE MiniportAdapterHandle,
  IN  PUCHAR  CurrentAddress,
  IN  UINT PortAddress,
  IN  ULONG    MaxFrameSize

Routine Description:

    This routine (and its interface) are not portable.  They are
    defined by the OS, the architecture, and the particular TOK162

    This routine is responsible for the allocation of the datastructures
    for the driver as well as any hardware specific details necessary
    to talk with the device.


    ConfigurationHandle   - Handle passed to NdisRegisterAdapter.
    MiniportAdapterHandle - Handle received from
    CurrentAddress        - The network address found in the registry
    PortAddress           - The starting i/o port address found in the

Return Value:

    Returns NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS if everything goes ok, else
    if anything occurred that prevents the initialization
    of the adapter it returns an appropriate NDIS error.