OUT PUINT BytesTransferred,
  IN  NDIS_HANDLE MiniportAdapterContext,
  IN  NDIS_HANDLE MiniportReceiveContext,
  IN  UINT ByteOffset,
  IN  UINT BytesToTransfer

Routine Description:

    A protocol calls the TOK162TransferData request (indirectly via
    NdisTransferData) from within its Receive event handler
    to instruct the Miniport to copy the contents of the received packet
    a specified packet buffer.


    MiniportAdapterContext - The context value returned by the driver when the
                             adapter was initialized.  In reality this is a
                             pointer to TOK162_ADAPTER.

    MiniportReceiveContext - The context value passed by the driver on its
                             call to NdisMIndicateReceive.  The driver can
                             use this value to determine which packet, on
                             which adapter, is being received.

    ByteOffset             - An unsigned integer specifying the offset within
                             the received packet at which the copy is to begin.
                             If the entire packet is to be copied,
                             ByteOffset must be zero.

    BytesToTransfer        - An unsigned integer specifying the number of
                             bytes to copy.  It is legal to transfer zero
                             bytes; this has no effect.  If the sum of
                             ByteOffset and BytesToTransfer is greater than
                             the size of the received packet, then the
                             remainder of the packet (starting from
                             ByteOffset) is transferred, and the trailing
                             portion of the receive buffer is not modified.

    Packet                 - A pointer to a descriptor for the packet storage
                             into which the MAC is to copy the received packet.

    BytesTransfered        - A pointer to an unsigned integer.  The miniport
                             writes the actual number of bytes transferred
                             into this location.  This value is not valid if
                             the return status is STATUS_PENDING.

Return Value:

    The function value is the status of the operation.