IN  PWD_ADAPTER Adapter,
  IN  PWD_OPEN Open,
  IN  BOOLEAN GlobalMode,
  IN  PVOID InfoBuffer,
  IN  UINT BytesLeft,
  OUT PUINT BytesNeeded,
  OUT PUINT BytesWritten

Routine Description:

    The WdQueryProtocolInformation process a Query request for
    NDIS_OIDs that are specific to a binding about the MAC.  Note that
    some of the OIDs that are specific to bindings are also queryable
    on a global basis.  Rather than recreate this code to handle the
    global queries, I use a flag to indicate if this is a query for the
    global data or the binding specific data.


    Adapter - a pointer to the adapter.

    Open - a pointer to the open instance.

    Oid - the NDIS_OID to process.

    GlobalMode - Some of the binding specific information is also used
    when querying global statistics.  This is a flag to specify whether
    to return the global value, or the binding specific value.

    PlaceInInfoBuffer - a pointer into the NdisRequest->InformationBuffer
     into which store the result of the query.

    BytesLeft - the number of bytes left in the InformationBuffer.

    BytesNeeded - If there is not enough room in the information buffer
    then this will contain the number of bytes needed to complete the

    BytesWritten - a pointer to the number of bytes written into the

Return Value:

    The function value is the status of the operation.