IN  PWD_ADAPTER Adapter,
  IN  PWD_OPEN Open,
  IN  PNDIS_REQUEST NdisRequest,
  IN  UINT PacketFilter

Routine Description:

    The WdSetPacketFilter request allows a protocol to control the types
    of packets that it receives from the MAC.


    Adapter - A pointer to the adapter structure.

    Open - A pointer to the open block giving the request.

    NdisRequest - The NDIS_REQUEST with the set packet filter command in it.

    PacketFilter - A bit mask that contains flags that correspond to specific
    classes of received packets.  If a particular bit is set in the mask,
    then packet reception for that class of packet is enabled.  If the
    bit is clear, then packets that fall into that class are not received
    by the client.  A single exception to this rule is that if the promiscuous
    bit is set, then the client receives all packets on the network, regardless
    of the state of the other flags.

Return Value:

    The function value is the status of the operation.