IN  PVOID Object,
  OUT PBOOLEAN MemoryAllocated

Routine Description:

    Given an object, this routine will find its security descriptor.
    It will do this by calling the object's security method.

    It is possible for an object not to have a security descriptor
    at all.  Unnamed objects such as events that can only be referenced
    by a handle are an example of an object that does not have a
    security descriptor.


    Object - Supplies the object being queried.

    SecurityDescriptor - Returns a pointer to the object's security

    MemoryAllocated - indicates whether we had to allocate pool
        memory to hold the security descriptor or not.  This should
        be passed back into ObReleaseObjectSecurity.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - The operation was successful.  Note that the
        operation may be successful and still return a NULL security

    STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES - Insufficient memory was available
        to satisfy the request.