IN  PETHREAD Thread,
  OUT PBOOLEAN EffectiveOnly,

Routine Description:

    This function returns a pointer to the effective token of a thread.  The
    effective token of a thread is the thread's impersonation token if it has
    one.  Otherwise, it is the primary token of the thread's process.

    The reference count of the effective token is incremented to protect
    the pointer returned.

    If the thread is impersonating a client, then the impersonation level
    is also returned.

    Either PsDereferenceImpersonationToken() (for an impersonation token) or
    PsDereferencePrimaryToken() (for a primary token) must be called to
    decrement the token's reference count when the pointer is no longer


    Thread - Supplies the address of the thread whose effective token
        is to be referenced.

    TokenType - Receives the type of the effective token.  If the thread
        is currently impersonating a client, then this will be
        TokenImpersonation.  Othwerwise, it will be TokenPrimary.

    EffectiveOnly - If the token type is TokenImpersonation, then this
        receives the value of the client thread's Thread->Client->EffectiveOnly field.
        Otherwise, it is set to FALSE.

    ImpersonationLevel - The current value of the Thread->Client->ImpersonationLevel
        field for an impersonation token and is not set for a primary token.

Return Value:

    A pointer to the specified thread's effective token.