IN  PVOID TdiEventContext,
  IN  LONG SourceAddressLength,
  IN  PVOID SourceAddress,
  IN  LONG OptionsLength,
  IN  PVOID Options,
  IN  ULONG ReceiveDatagramFlags,
  IN  ULONG ReceiveDatagramLength,
  IN  ULONG StartingOffset,
  IN  PMDL  Tsdu,
  IN  PVOID TsduDescriptor

Routine Description:

    This routine is used as the default chained receive datagram
    event handler for the transport endpoint. It is pointed to by
    a field in the TP_ENDPOINT structure for an endpoint when the
    endpoint is created, and also whenever the TdiSetEventHandler
    request is submitted with a NULL EventHandler field.


    TdiEventContext - Pointer to the client-provided context value specified
        in the TdiSetEventHandler call for TDI_EVENT_CHAINED_RECEIVE_DATAGRAM.

    SourceAddressLength - The length of the source network address.

    SourceAddress - Pointer to the network address of the source from which
        the datagram originated.

    OptionsLength - The length of the transport options accompanying this TSDU.

    Options - Pointer to the transport options accompanying this TSDU.

    ReceiveDatagramFlags - Bitflags which indicate the circumstances
        surrounding this TSDU's reception.

    ReceiveDatagramLength - The length, in bytes, of the client data in
        this TSDU.

    StartingOffset - The offset, in bytes from the start of the TSDU, at
        which the client data begins.

    Tsdu - Pointer to an MDL chain that describes the received Transport
        Service Data Unit.

    TsduDescriptor - A descriptor for the TSDU which must be passed to
        TdiReturnChainedReceives in order to return the TSDU for reuse.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - status of operation.