IN  PVOID TdiEventContext,
  IN  CONNECTION_CONTEXT ConnectionContext,
  IN  ULONG ReceiveFlags,          	// ,
  IN  ULONG BytesIndicated,        	// number of bytes in this indication,
  IN  ULONG BytesAvailable,        	// number of bytes in complete Tsdu,
  OUT ULONG *BytesTaken,          	// number of bytes used by indication routine,
  IN  PVOID Tsdu,                  	// pointer describing this TSDU, typically a lump of bytes,
  OUT PIRP *IoRequestPacket        	// TdiReceive IRP if MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED

Routine Description:

    This routine is used as the default expedited receive event handler
    for the transport endpoint.  It is pointed to by a field in the
    TP_ENDPOINT structure for an endpoint when the endpoint is
    created, and also whenever the TdiSetEventHandler request is
    submitted with a NULL EventHandler field.


    TdiEventContext - Pointer to the client-provided context value specified
        in the TdiSetEventHandler call for TDI_EVENT_RECEIVE.

    ConnectionContext - The client-supplied context associated with
        the connection on which this connection-oriented TSDU was received.

    ReceiveFlags - Bitflags which indicate the circumstances surrounding
        this TSDU's reception.

    BytesIndicated - The number of bytes of this TSDU that are being presented
        to the client in this indication.This value is always less than
        or equal to BytesAvailable.

    BytesAvailable - The total number of bytes of this TSDU presently
        available from the transport.

    BytesTaken - Return value indicating the number of bytes of data that the
        client copied from the indication data.

    Tsdu - Pointer to an MDL chain that describes the (first) part of the
        (partially) received Transport Service Data Unit, less headers.

    IoRequestPacket - Pointer to a location where the event handler may
        chose to return a pointer to an I/O Request Packet (IRP) to satisfy
        the incoming data.  If returned, this IRP must be formatted as a
        valid TdiReceive request, except that the ConnectionId field of
        the TdiRequest is ignored and is automatically filled in by the
        transport provider.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - status of operation.