IN OUT PHANDLE FileHandle,
  IN  PUCHAR Buffer,
  IN  PVOID DeviceName,
  IN  PVOID Address

Routine Description:

   Opens an address on the given file handle and device.


    FileHandle - the returned handle to the file object that is opened.

    Buffer - pointer to a buffer that the ea is to be built in. This buffer
        must be at least 40 bytes long.

    DeviceName - the Unicode string that points to the device object.

    Name - the address to be registered. If this pointer is NULL, the routine
        will attempt to open a "control channel" to the device; that is, it
        will attempt to open the file object with a null ea pointer, and if the
        transport provider allows for that, will return that handle.

Return Value:

    An informative error code if something goes wrong. STATUS_SUCCESS if the
    returned file handle is valid.