PHW_DEVICE_EXTENSION HwDeviceExtension,
      PVIDEO_NUM_MODES NumModes,
      ULONG NumModesSize,
      PULONG OutputSize

Routine Description:

    This routine returns the number of available modes for this particular
    video card.


    HwDeviceExtension - Pointer to the miniport driver's device extension.

    NumModes - Pointer to the output buffer supplied by the user. This is
        where the number of modes is stored.

    NumModesSize - Length of the output buffer supplied by the user.

    OutputSize - Pointer to a buffer in which to return the actual size of
        the data in the buffer.

Return Value:

    ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER if the output buffer was not large enough
        for the data being returned.

    NO_ERROR if the operation completed successfully.