PHW_DEVICE_EXTENSION HwDeviceExtension,
      PVIDEO_HARDWARE_STATE HardwareState,
      ULONG HardwareStateSize,
      PULONG OutputSize

Routine Description:

    Saves all registers and memory of the VGA.

    Note: HardwareState points to the actual buffer in which the state
    is saved. This buffer will always be big enough (we specified
    the required size at DriverEntry).

    Note: This routine leaves registers in any state it cares to, except
    that it will not mess with any of the CRT or Sequencer parameters that
    might make the monitor unhappy. It leaves the screen blanked by setting
    the DAC Mask and DAC register 0 to all zero values. The next video
    operation we expect after this is a mode set to take us back to Win32.

    Note: The offset in the hardware state header in which each general
    register is saved is the offset of the write address of that register from
    the base I/O address of the VGA.


    HwDeviceExtension - Pointer to the miniport driver's device extension.

    HardwareState - Pointer to a structure in which the saved state will be
        returned (actually only info about and a pointer to the actual save

    HardwareStateSize - Length of the output buffer supplied by the user.
        (Actually only the size of the HardwareState structure, not the
        buffer it points to where the state is actually saved. The pointed-
        to buffer is assumed to be big enough.)

    OutputSize - Pointer to a buffer in which to return the actual size of
        the data returned in the buffer.

Return Value:

    NO_ERROR - information returned successfully

    ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER - output buffer not large enough to return
        any useful data