PVOID HwDeviceExtension,
      PVOID Context,
      VIDEO_DEVICE_DATA_TYPE DeviceDataType,
      PVOID Identifier,
      ULONG IdentifierLength,
      PVOID ConfigurationData,
      ULONG ConfigurationDataLength,
      PVOID ComponentInformation,
      ULONG ComponentInformationLength

Routine Description:

    Callback for the GetDeviceData function.
    This routine will scan for an XGA adapter, and if it finds one, will
    save the POS information in the device extension so it can be further
    processed in the FindAdapter() routine.


    HwDeviceExtension - Pointer to the miniport drivers device extension.

    Context - Context value passed to the VideoPortGetDeviceData function.

    DeviceDataType - The type of data that was requested in

    Identifier - Pointer to a string that contains the name of the device,
        as setup by the ROM or ntdetect.

    IdentifierLength - Length of the Identifier string.

    ConfigurationData - Pointer to the configuration data for the device or

    ConfigurationDataLength - Length of the data in the configurationData

    ComponentInformation - Undefined.

    ComponentInformationLength - Undefined.

Return Value:

    Returns NO_ERROR if the function completed properly.
    Returns ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST if we did not find the device.
    Returns ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER otherwise.