__in HANDLE PortHandle,
      __in PPORT_MESSAGE Message

Routine Description:

    This procedure is used by the server thread to temporarily acquire the
    identifier set of a client thread.

    This service establishes an impersonation token for the calling thread.
    The impersonation token corresponds to the context provided by the port
    client.  The client must currently be waiting for a reply to the
    specified message.

    This service returns an error status code if the client thread is not
    waiting for a reply to the message.  The security quality of service
    parameters specified by the client upon connection dictate what use the
    server will have of the client's security context.

    For complicated or extended impersonation needs, the server may open a
    copy of the client's token (using NtOpenThreadToken()).  This must be
    done while impersonating the client.


    PortHandle - Specifies the handle of the communication port that the
        message was received from.

    Message - Specifies an address of a message that was received from the
        client that is to be impersonated.  The ClientId field of the message
        identifies the client thread that is to be impersonated.  The client
        thread must be waiting for a reply to the message in order to
        impersonate the client.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Status code that indicates whether or not the operation was