__in HANDLE PortHandle,
      __in PORT_INFORMATION_CLASS PortInformationClass,

Routine Description:

    This routine should be used to query an lpc port, but is pretty much a
    noop.  Currently it can only indicate if the input handle is for a port


    PortHandle - Supplies the handle for the port being queried

    PortInformationClass - Specifies the type information class being asked
        for.  Currently ignored.

    PortInformation - Supplies a pointer to the buffer to receive the
        information.  Currently just probed and then ignored.

    Length - Specifies, in bytes, the size of the port information buffer.

    ReturnLength  - Optionally receives the size, in bytes, of the information
        being returned.  Currently just probed and then ignored.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - An appropriate status value.