IN  PCM_KEY_CONTROL_BLOCK    KeyControlBlock,
  IN  KEY_INFORMATION_CLASS    KeyInformationClass,
  IN  PVOID                    KeyInformation,
  IN  ULONG                    Length,
  IN  PULONG                   ResultLength

Routine Description:

    Data about the class of a key, and the numbers and sizes of its
    children and value entries may be queried with CmQueryKey.

    NOTE: The returned lengths are guaranteed to be at least as
          long as the described values, but may be longer in
          some circumstances.


    KeyControlBlock - pointer to the KCB that describes the key

    KeyInformationClass - Specifies the type of information
        returned in Buffer.  One of the following types:

        KeyBasicInformation - return last write time, title index, and name.

        KeyNodeInformation - return last write time, title index, name, class.
            (See KEY_NODE_INFORMATION)

        KeyFullInformation - return all data except for name and security.
            (See KEY_FULL_INFORMATION)

    KeyInformation -Supplies pointer to buffer to receive the data.

    Length - Length of KeyInformation in bytes.

    ResultLength - Number of bytes actually written into KeyInformation.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Result code from call, among the following: