IN  HANDLE  FileHandle,
  IN  ULONG Flags

Routine Description:

    This copies the data from an on-disk hive into the registry.  The file
    is not loaded into the registry, and the system will NOT be using
    the source file after the call returns.

    If the flag REG_WHOLE_HIVE_VOLATILE is not set, the given key is replaced
    by the root of the hive file.  The root's name is changed to the name
    of the given key.

    If the flag REG_WHOLE_HIVE_VOLATILE is set, a volatile hive is created,
    the hive file is copied into it, and the resulting hive is linked to
    the master hive.  The given key must be in the master hive.  (Usually
    will be \Registry\User)

    If the flag REG_REFRESH_HIVE is set (must be only flag) then the
    the Hive will be restored to its state as of the last flush.
    (The hive must be marked NOLAZY_FLUSH, and the caller must have
     TCB privilege, and the handle must point to the root of the hive.
     If the refresh fails, the hive will be corrupt, and the system
     will bugcheck.)

    If the flag REG_FORCE_RESTORE is set, the restore operation is done even
    if there areopen handles underneath the key we are restoring to.


    Hive - supplies a pointer to the hive control structure for the hive

    Cell - supplies index of node at root of tree to restore into

    FileHandle - handle of the file to read from.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Result code from call, among the following: