PHHIVE SourceHive,
      HCELL_INDEX SourceKeyCell,
      PHHIVE TargetHive,
      HCELL_INDEX Parent,
      BOOLEAN CopyValues

Routine Description:

    Copy a key body and all of its values, but NOT its subkeylist or
    subkey entries.  SubKeyList.Count will be set to 0.


    SourceHive - pointer to hive control structure for source

    SourceKeyCell - value entry being copied

    TargetHive - pointer to hive control structure for target

    Parent - parent value to set into newly created key body

    CopyValues - if FALSE value entries will not be copied, if TRUE, they will

Return Value:

    HCELL_INDEX - Cell of body of new key entry, or HCELL_NIL
        if some error.