ULONGLONG MaxOffset,
      ULONGLONG MaxSector

Routine Description:

    This routine walks the disk writing the partition tables from
    the entries in the partition list buffer for each partition.

    Applications that create and delete partitions should issue a
    IoReadPartitionTable call with the 'return recognized partitions'
    boolean set to false to get a full description of the system.

    Then the drive layout structure can be modified by the application to
    reflect the new configuration of the disk and then is written back
    to the disk using this routine.


    DeviceObject - Pointer to device object for this disk.

    SectorSize - Sector size on the device.

    SectorsPerTrack - Track size on the device.

    NumberOfHeads - Same as tracks per cylinder.

Return Value:

    The functional value is STATUS_SUCCESS if all writes are completed
    without error.