IN  BOOLEAN StoreInstruction,
  IN  PVOID VirtualAddress,
  IN  PMMPTE PointerPte,
  IN  PMMPTE PointerProtoPte,
  IN  PEPROCESS Process,

Routine Description:

    This routine dispatches a page fault to the appropriate
    routine to complete the fault.


    StoreInstruction - Supplies TRUE if the instruction is trying
                       to modify the faulting address (i.e. write
                       access required).

    VirtualAddress - Supplies the faulting address.

    PointerPte - Supplies the PTE for the faulting address.

    PointerProtoPte - Supplies a pointer to the prototype PTE to fault in,
                      NULL if no prototype PTE exists.

    Process - Supplies a pointer to the process object.  If this
              parameter is NULL, then the fault is for system
              space and the process's working set lock is not held.
              If this parameter is HYDRA_PROCESS, then the fault is for session
              space and the process's working set lock is not held - rather
              the session space's working set lock is held.

    ApcNeeded - Supplies a pointer to a location set to TRUE if an I/O
                completion APC is needed to complete partial IRPs that

                It is the caller's responsibility to initialize this (usually
                to FALSE) on entry.  However, since this routine may be called
                multiple times for a single fault (for the page directory,
                page table and the page itself), it is possible for it to
                occasionally be TRUE on entry.

                If it is FALSE on exit, no completion APC is needed.

Return Value:



    Kernel mode, working set lock held.