IN  PFN_NUMBER PageFrameIndex,
  IN  PMMPTE PointerPte,
  IN  WSLE_NUMBER WorkingSetIndex,
  IN  PVOID SessionPointer

Routine Description:

    This function initializes the specified PFN element to the
    active and valid state for a copy on write operation.

    In this case the page table page which contains the PTE has
    the proper ShareCount.


    PageFrameIndex - Supplies the page frame number to initialize.

    PointerPte - Supplies the pointer to the PTE which caused the
                 page fault.

    WorkingSetIndex - Supplies the working set index for the corresponding
                      virtual address.

    SessionPointer - Supplies the session space pointer if this fault is for
                     a session space page or NULL if this is for a user page.

Return Value:



    Kernel mode, APCs disabled, PFN mutex held.