IN  PMMPTE ActualPteAddress,
  IN OUT PMMPTE PointerTempPte,
  IN  ULONG Global,
  IN  PFN_NUMBER ContainingPage

Routine Description:

    This routine makes the specified PTE valid.


    ActualPteAddress - Supplies the actual address that the PTE will
                       reside at.  This is used for page coloring.

    PointerTempPte - Supplies the PTE to operate on, returns a valid

    Global - Supplies 1 if the resulting PTE is global.

    ContainingPage - Supplies the physical page number of the page which
                     contains the resulting PTE.  If this value is 0, no
                     operations on the containing page are performed.

Return Value:

    Returns the physical page number that was allocated for the PTE.


    Kernel mode, PFN LOCK HELD!