IN  PVOID StartingAddress,
  IN  PVOID EndingAddress,
  IN  PEPROCESS CurrentProcess,
  IN  PMMVAD PreviousVad,
  IN  PMMVAD NextVad

Routine Description:

    This routine returns commitment for COMPLETE page table pages which
    span the virtual address range.  For example (assuming 4k pages),
    if the StartingAddress =  64k and the EndingAddress = 5mb, no
    page table charges would be freed as a complete page table page is
    not covered by the range.  However, if the StartingAddress was 4mb
    and the EndingAddress was 9mb, 1 page table page would be freed.


    StartingAddress - Supplies the starting address of the range.

    EndingAddress - Supplies the ending address of the range.

    CurrentProcess - Supplies a pointer to the current process.

    PreviousVad - Supplies a pointer to the previous VAD, NULL if none.

    NextVad - Supplies a pointer to the next VAD, NULL if none.

Return Value:



    Kernel mode, APCs disabled, WorkingSetLock and AddressCreation mutexes