IN  SIZE_T NumberOfBytes,
  IN  PHYSICAL_ADDRESS HighestAcceptableAddress

Routine Description:

    This function allocates a range of physically contiguous non-paged pool.

    This routine is designed to be used by a driver's initialization
    routine to allocate a contiguous block of physical memory for
    issuing DMA requests from.


    NumberOfBytes - Supplies the number of bytes to allocate.

    HighestAcceptableAddress - Supplies the highest physical address
                               which is valid for the allocation.  For
                               example, if the device can only reference
                               physical memory in the lower 16MB this
                               value would be set to 0xFFFFFF (16Mb - 1).

Return Value:

    NULL - a contiguous range could not be found to satisfy the request.

    NON-NULL - Returns a pointer (virtual address in the nonpaged portion
               of the system) to the allocated physically contiguous


    Kernel mode, IRQL of DISPATCH_LEVEL or below.