IN  BOOLEAN DelayClose

Routine Description:

    This function examines the Section object pointers.  If they are NULL,
    no further action is taken and the value TRUE is returned.

    If the Section object pointer is not NULL, the section reference count
    and the map view count are checked. If both counts are zero, the
    segment associated with the file is deleted and the file closed.
    If one of the counts is non-zero, no action is taken and the
    value FALSE is returned.


    SectionObjectPointer - Supplies a pointer to a section object.

    DelayClose - Supplies the value TRUE if the close operation should
                 occur as soon as possible in the event this section
                 cannot be closed now due to outstanding references.

Return Value:

    TRUE - The segment was deleted and the file closed or no segment was

    FALSE - The segment was not deleted and no action was performed OR
            an I/O error occurred trying to write the pages.