IN  PVOID BaseAddress,
  IN  SIZE_T NumberOfBytes,
  IN  PVOID PageAddress

Routine Description:

    This function maps a range of addresses in a physical memory VAD to the
    specified page address.  This is typically used by a driver to nicely
    remove an application's access to things like video memory when the
    application is not responding to requests to relinquish it.

    Note the entire range must be currently mapped (ie, all the PTEs must
    be valid) by the caller.


    BaseAddress - Supplies the base virtual address where the physical
                  address is mapped.

    NumberOfBytes - Supplies the number of bytes to remap to the new address.

    PageAddress - Supplies the virtual address of the page this is remapped to.
                  This must be nonpaged memory.

Return Value:

    Various NTSTATUS codes.


    Kernel mode, IRQL of APC_LEVEL or below.