SIZE_T MmTotalPagedPoolQuota;
SIZE_T MmTotalNonPagedPoolQuota;
  IN  POOL_TYPE PoolType,
  IN  SIZE_T OldQuotaLimit,
  OUT PSIZE_T NewQuotaLimit

Routine Description:

    This function is called (with a spinlock) whenever PS detects a quota
    limit has been exceeded. The purpose of this function is to attempt to
    increase the specified quota.


    PoolType - Supplies the pool type of the quota to be raised

    OldQuotaLimit - Supplies the current quota limit for this pool type

    NewQuotaLimit - Returns the new limit

Return Value:

    TRUE - The API succeeded and the quota limit was raised.

    FALSE - We were unable to raise the quota limit.


    Kernel mode, QUOTA SPIN LOCK HELD!!