IN  PCONTROL_AREA ControlArea,
  IN  PEPROCESS Process,
  IN  PVOID *CapturedBase,
  IN  PLARGE_INTEGER SectionOffset,
  IN  PSIZE_T CapturedViewSize,
  IN  ULONG ProtectionMask,
  IN  ULONG_PTR ZeroBits,
  IN  ULONG AllocationType,
  IN  BOOLEAN WriteCombined,
  OUT PBOOLEAN ReleasedWsMutex

Routine Description:

    This routine maps the specified physical section into the
    specified process's address space.


    see MmMapViewOfSection above...

    ControlArea - Supplies the control area for the section.

    Process - Supplies the process pointer which is receiving the section.

    ProtectionMask - Supplies the initial page protection-mask.

    ReleasedWsMutex - Supplies FALSE, receives TRUE if the working set
                      mutex is released.

Return Value:

    Status of the map view operation.


    Kernel Mode, working set mutex and address creation mutex held.