IN  PMDL SmbMdl,
  IN  PVOID Smb,
  IN  CLONG SmbLength

Routine Description:

    Redirector version

    Snapshot an SMB and export it to the SmbTrace application.  How
    this happens is determined by which mode (fast or slow) SmbTracing
    was requested in, and which context (DPC, Fsp or Fsd) the current
    thread is executing in.

    Fast mode: the SMB is copied into shared memory and an entry for it
    is queued to the redirector SmbTrace thread, which asynchronously
    passes SMBs to the app.  (When in DPC, the SMB is copied to non-paged
    pool instead of shared memory, and the SmbTrace thread deals with
    moving it to shared memory later.)  If there is insufficient memory
    for anything (SMB, queue entry, etc.) the SMB is lost.

    Slow mode: identical to Fast mode except that this thread waits
    until the server SmbTrace thread signals that the app has finished
    processing the SMB.  Because each thread waits until its SMB has
    been completely processed, there is much less chance of running
    out of any resources. If at DPC level, we behave exactly as in the
    fast mode case, because it would be a Bad Thing to block this thread
    at DPC level.

    The SMB is either contained in SmbMdl, or at address Smb with length


    SmbMdl - an Mdl containing the SMB.

    Smb - a pointer to the SMB.

    SmbLength - the length of the SMB.

Return Value: