IN  ULONG InputBufferLength,
  IN  ULONG OutputBufferLength,
  IN OUT PVOID ConfigInOut,
  IN  PFILE_OBJECT FileObject,

Routine Description:

    This routine performs all the work necessary to connect the server/
    redirector to SmbTrace.  It creates the section of shared memory to
    be used, then creates the events needed. All these objects are then
    opened by the client (smbtrace) program. This code initializes the
    table, the heap stored in the section and table header.  This routine
    must be called from an Fsp process.


    InputBufferLength - Length of the ConfigInOut packet

    OutputBufferLength - Length expected for the ConfigInOut packet returned

    ConfigInOut - A structure that has configuration information.

    FileObject - FileObject of the process requesting that SmbTrace be started,
                 used to automatically shut down when the app dies.

    Component - Context from which we're called: server or redirector

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - result of operation.