IN  PIRP_CONTEXT IrpContext,
  IN  PIRP Irp

Routine Description:

    This is the common routine for cleanup of a file/directory called by both
    the fsd and fsp threads.

    Cleanup is invoked whenever the last handle to a file object is closed.
    This is different than the Close operation which is invoked when the last
    reference to a file object is deleted.

    The function of cleanup is to essentially "cleanup" the file/directory
    after a user is done with it.  The Fcb/Dcb remains around (because MM
    still has the file object referenced) but is now available for another
    user to open (i.e., as far as the user is concerned the is now closed).

    See close for a more complete description of what close does.

    We do no synchronization in this routine until we get to the point
    where we modify the counts, share access and volume lock field.

    We need to update the Fcb and Vcb to show that a user handle has been closed.
    The following structures and fields are affected.


        VolumeLockFileObject - Did the user lock the volume with this file object.
        VcbState - Check if we are unlocking the volume here.
        VcbCleanup - Count of outstanding handles on the volume.
        DirNotifyQueue - If this file object has pending DirNotify Irps.


        ShareAccess - If this is a user handle.
        FcbCleanup - Count of outstanding handles on this Fcb.
        Oplock - Any outstanding oplocks on this file object.
        FileLock - Any outstanding filelocks on this file object.


    Irp - Supplies the Irp to process

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - The return status for the operation.