IN  PIRP_CONTEXT IrpContext,
  IN  PFCB ParentFcb,
  IN  PCD_NAME DirName,
  IN  BOOLEAN IgnoreCase,

Routine Description:

    This routine will walk through the path table looking for a matching entry for DirName
    among the child directories of the ParentFcb.


    ParentFcb - This is the directory we are examining.  We know the ordinal and path table
        offset for this directory in the path table.  If this is the first scan for this
        Fcb we will update the first child offset for this directory in the path table.

    DirName - This is the name we are searching for.  This name will not contain wildcard
        characters.  The name will also not have a version string.

    IgnoreCase - Indicates if this search is exact or ignore case.

    CompoundPathEntry - Complete path table enumeration structure.  We will have initialized
        it for the search on entry.  This will be positioned at the matching name if found.

Return Value:

    BOOLEAN - TRUE if matching entry found, FALSE otherwise.