IN  PIRP_CONTEXT IrpContext,
  IN  PFCB Fcb,
  IN  PCD_NAME Name,
  IN  BOOLEAN IgnoreCase,
  IN  BOOLEAN ShortNameMatch,
  IN  PFCB ParentFcb

Routine Description:

    This routine inserts the names in the given Lcb into the links for the


    Fcb - This is the Fcb whose name is being inserted into the tree.

    Name - This is the name for the component.  The IgnoreCase flag tells
        us which entry this belongs to.

    IgnoreCase - Indicates if we should insert the case-insensitive name.

    ShortNameMatch - Indicates if this is the short name.

    ParentFcb - This is the ParentFcb.  The prefix tree is attached to this.

Return Value: