IN  PIRP_CONTEXT IrpContext,
  IN  PFCB Fcb,

Routine Description:

    This routine is called to find the next dirent in the directory.  The
    current position is given and we look for the next.  We leave the context
    for the starting position untouched and update the context for the
    dirent we found.  The target context may already be initialized so we
    may already have the sector in memory.

    This routine will position the enumeration context for the next dirent and
    verify the dirent bounds.

    NOTE - This routine can be called with CurrentDirContext and NextDirContext
        pointing to the same enumeration context.


    Fcb - Fcb for the directory being traversed.

    CurrentDirContext - This is the dirent context for this scan.  We update
        it with the location of the dirent we found.  This is currently
        pointing to a dirent location.  The dirent bounds at this location
        have already been verified.

    NextDirContext - This is the dirent context to update with the dirent we
        find.  This may already point to a dirent so we need to check if
        we are in the same sector and unmap any buffer as necessary.

        This dirent is left in an indeterminant state if we don't find a dirent.

Return Value:

    BOOLEAN - TRUE if we find a location for the next dirent, FALSE otherwise.
        This routine can cause a raise if the directory is corrupt.