IN  PIRP_CONTEXT IrpContext,
  IN  PFCB Fcb,
  IN  LONGLONG StartingOffset,
  IN  ULONG ByteCount

Routine Description:

    This routine performs the non-cached reads for 'raw' sectors (2352 bytes
    per sector).  We also prepend a hard-coded RIFF header of 44 bytes to the file.
    All of this is already reflected in the file size.

    We start by checking whether to prepend any portion of the RIFF header.  Then we check
    if the last raw sector read was from the beginning portion of this file, deallocating
    that buffer if necessary.  Finally we do the following in a loop.

        Fill the IoRuns array for the next block of Io.
        Send the Io to the device driver.
        Perform any cleanup necessary on the IoRuns array.

    We will not do any async request in this path.  The request would have been
    posted to a worker thread before getting to this point.


    Fcb - Fcb representing the file to read.

    StartingOffset - Logical offset in the file to read from.

    ByteCount - Number of bytes to read.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Status indicating the result of the operation.