IN  PUCHAR  ValueName,
  OUT PVOID *FreeToken,
  OUT PVOID *Buffer,
  OUT ULONG *LengthReturned,

Routine Description:

    This routine opens the Disk Registry key and gets the contents of the
    disk information value.  It returns this contents to the caller.


    ValueName - asciiz string for the value name to query.
    FreeToken - A pointer to a buffer to be freed by the caller.  This is the
                buffer pointer allocated to obtain the registry information
                via the registry APIs.  To the caller it is an opaque value.
    Buffer    - pointer to a pointer for a buffer containing the desired
                registry value contents.  This is allocated by this routine and
                is part of the "FreeToken" buffer allocated once the actual
                size of the registry information is known.
    LengthReturned - pointer to location for the size of the contents returned.
    HandlePtr - pointer to a handle pointer if the caller wishes to keep it
                open for later use.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - from the configuration registry.