IN  NDIS_MEDIUM NdisMedium,
  IN  PUCHAR DestinationAddress,
  IN  PVOID pSrcRouting,
  IN OUT PUCHAR pLanHeader

Routine Description:

    The primitive implements a network independent handling of
    the address information in the LAN header. It builds LAN a
    802.3, DIX or 802.5 header from an address and an optional source
    routing info. The source SAP number and the current node address are
    provided by the link driver.


    NdisMedium          - medium that MAC talks over
    DestinationAddress  - LAN destination address (or a broadcast/multicast/
                          functional address).
    pSrcRouting         - optional source routing information. Must be set
                          NULL when not used.
    pLanHeader          - buffer provided by the upper protocol for the
                          address information of the frame header.

Return Value:

    length of the LAN header