IN  PVOID hEventObject,
  IN  UINT Event,
  IN  PVOID pEventInformation,
  IN  ULONG SecondaryInfo

Routine Description:

    The primitive handles all LLC and NDIS events
    and translates them to DLC events, that are either immediately
    executed by a pending (and matching) read command or
    they are queued to the event queue.
    LLC cannot provide any packet with these events, beacuse they
    were not initiated by the protocol, but they just happened
    asynchronously in the data link driver.


    This routine must not call back the data link driver, if has
    gon any other DLC status indication except INDICATE_CONNECT_REQUEST
    (that may be closed by DLC, if there are no available station ids
    on the sap).


    pFileContext            - DLC object handle or a file context of the event
    hEventObject            - DLC object handle or a file context of the event
    Event                   - LLC event code. Usually it can be used directly as
                              a DLC event code
    pEventInformation       - information to DLC status change block
                              (or another pointer to some misc information)
    SecondaryInformation    - dword information used by some NDIS errors

Return Value: