IN  PLARGE_INTEGER PartitionOffset,
  IN  PLARGE_INTEGER PartitionLength,
  IN  CCHAR ShiftCount,
  IN  ULONG SectorsPerTrack,
  IN  ULONG NumberOfTracks,
  IN  ULONG ConventionalCylinders,

Routine Description:

    This routine will determine the cylinder, head, and sector (CHS) values
    that should be placed in a partition table entry, given the partition's
    location on the disk and its size.  The values calculated are packed into
    int13 format -- the high two bits of the sector byte contain bits 8 and 9
    of the 10 bit cylinder value, the low 6 bits of the sector byte contain
    the 6 bit sector value;  the cylinder byte contains the low 8 bits
    of the cylinder value; and the head byte contains the 8-bit head value.
    Both the start and end CHS values are calculated.


    PartitionOffset - Byte offset of the partition, relative to the entire
        physical disk.

    PartitionLength - Size in bytes of the partition.

    ShiftCount - Shift count to convert from byte counts to sector counts.

    SectorsPerTrack - Number of sectors in a track on the media on which
        the partition resides.

    NumberOfTracks - Number of tracks in a cylinder on the media on which
        the partition resides.

    ConventionalCylinders - The "normalized" disk cylinders.  We will never
        set the cylinders greater than this.

    PartitionDescriptor - Structure to be filled in with the start and
        end CHS values.  Other fields in the structure are not referenced
        or modified.

Return Value:



    The Cylinder and Head values are 0-based but the Sector value is 1-based.

    If the start or end cylinder overflows 10 bits (ie, > 1023), CHS values
    will be set to all 1's.

    No checking is done on the SectorsPerTrack and NumberOfTrack values.