IN  UCHAR DriveLetter,
  IN  PUCHAR DeviceName,
  IN  PSTRING BootDeviceName,
  OUT PUCHAR NtSystemPath,
  OUT PSTRING NtSystemPathString

Routine Description:

    This routine links an NT device name path (\Devices ...) to
    a DOS drive letter (\DosDevices\C:, for instance). It also
    checks to see if this device name path is the same as the
    path the loader passed in to assign the system path (SystemRoot).


    LoaderBlock - Loader information passed in by boot loader. Contains
        boot path.

    DriveLetter - Drive letter to assign to this partition.

    DeviceName - Device name path corresponding to partition.

    BootDeviceName - NT device name path from loader.

    NtSystemPath - Set to point to the name of the path string that was
        booted from.

    NtSystemPathString - String that describes the system path.

Return Value:

    TRUE if link successful.