IN  PDEVICE_OBJECT   DeviceObject,
  IN  PIRP             pIrp,
  IN  PVOID            pContext

Routine Description:

    This routine handles the completion of the receive to get the remaining
    data left in the transport when a session PDU starts in the middle of
    an indication from the transport.  This routine is run as the completion
    of a recv Irp passed to the transport by NBT, to get the remainder of the
    data in the transport.

    The routine then calls the normal receive handler, which can either
    consume the data or pass back an Irp.  If an Irp is passed back then
    the data is copied into that irp in this routine.


Return Value:

    pConnectionContext      - connection context returned to the transport(connection to use)

    NTSTATUS - Status of receive operation