IN  tDEVICECONTEXT           *pDeviceContext,
  IN  PVOID                    pSrcAddress,
  IN  tNAMEHDR UNALIGNED       *pNameSrv,
  IN  ULONG                    uNumBytes

Routine Description:

    This function is used to allow NBT to pass name query service Pdu's to
    WINS.  Wins posts a Rcv irp to Netbt.  If the Irp is here then simply
    copy the data to the irp and return it, otherwise buffer the data up
    to a maximum # of bytes. Beyond that limit the datagrams are discarded.

    If Retstatus is not success then the pdu will also be processed by
    nbt. This allows nbt to process packets when wins pauses and
    its list of queued buffers is exceeded.


    pDeviceContext  - card that the request can in on
    pSrcAddress     - source address
    pNameSrv        - ptr to the datagram
    uNumBytes       - length of datagram

Return Value:

    STATUS_PENDING if the buffer is to be held on to , the normal case.